alex diamond


Avatar – Entwicklung für das Kunstprojekt und die Kunstfigur Alex Diamond und den Künstler Jörg Heikhus. Erstellung einer Maskerade, die den Künstler anonymisiert und seine Kunst lebendig werden lässt.Veröffentlicht unter anderem im Lodown Magazine.

“alex diamond is an artist project conceived by jörg heikhaus & heliumcowboy in 2004.

jörg has been working and exhibiting as an artist since the 90ies, before embarking on different careers in various industries and professions: jörg has been a photographer, a designer, a newspaper editor, writer of short stories and fiction, founder and creative director of the design agency killakanu, ceo of internet consultancy icon medialab germany and a freelance business consultant for companies such as brand eins, volkswagen or universal music.
Since art was the first true love in his life, opening the art gallery heliumcowboy in 2003 marked the consolidation of his professional experiences, his curiosity and passion.
However, in 2004, jörg returned to creating his own art with the first exhibition, ,alex diamond‘s strange sofa‘. in the beginning, this was only a sideline project outside of the gallery, something to „keep my head clear, my hands busy and to stay sane“ (in his own words), not intended to becoming a full time vocation and most definitely not a represented artist of his own gallery.
Slipping into different characters for each exhibition, in 2006 the person creating the artwork (jörg) was deliberately taken away for an experimental and conceptual journey into celebrity culture. raising the question wether an artist can be established without a face and vita, jörg launched a long-term (2007-2010) project: ,being alex diamond“. the result was exhibited in miami, new york, barcelona and hamburg, and finally covered in a book published by gudberg verlag, hamburg (october 2009). After closing this project with the book and a few shows (and yes, you can establish an artist without ever revealing his/her identity, it is just very complex and requires a lot of additional work), jörg returned being the originator and creator of alex diamond.”  [ ]

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