The wonderful country of crinkles, is inspired by fabrics and colours of our youth. Crinkles and frills create a landscape that forms the lovely collection. Removable collars and sleeves are building the scenery of the world ANARAK.

…In creased valleys and moos-green folds, where flowers bloom on collars and cuffs, Ertakle is seeking in fields of shirts a space to built a cave from the sleeve to the seem. Wind-lake green there and deep-sea blue here; diving into the ocean in a glass of water. An animal, pastel red with a gentle temper, is always around corals and plants …(quote from the lyrik for ANARAK). ANARAK, the wonderful country of crinkles is inspired by fabrics and colours of our youth. A vivid, innocent and colourful world; a country full of illusions in which humans and animals live together peacefully. In ANARAK everything is ökidöki. Sleeves and trousers are hideouts for wondrous creatures. Boats are made from cardboards and the space is pure illusion. All spatial relations are warped. The ANARAK world is in a constant movement. The Projectworld is presented in a three-day show. The visual presentation is shown on moving overhead projections. These formed the background for the fashionshow and were also part of the installations in three other rooms. The animals and models move through city-, land- and waterscapes which appeared in a blend of two or three dimensions. Scenes and moods are recorded in surreal photographs.

The photographs are presented in seperated rooms of the exhibition and are featured also in the ANARAK lookbook. A composition of nature and every-day sounds completed the fairy tale-like atmosphere of the world of ANARAK.

ANARAK was an interdisciplinary project includuing the designers from fashion & concept stetter_koetter, illustration Gerald Moll, photography Gulliver Theis, overhead projection Katrin Bethge and editorial design Nils Schekorr.

The projectworld ANARAK  got the first price Design by the Brands & Art Award from Unilever. Pieces of the collection are permanently in stock of the Kunst und Gewerbemuseum Hamburg.