Fitting Tales

FITTING TALES  – the textile publication is a subscription. This textile is published periodical and is launched in the shape of a book. The first Edition was released in October 2007. The subscription runs for a year, consisting of 6 editions, every two months. After one year the subscription ends and has to renewed by the subscriber him/herself, as there exists no period of notice. Fitting Tales will informs in a three-dimensional visual and haptic way. It is wearable storytelling. The clothes not only form new trends, or the body, but also playfully form the state of the wearer, especially his or her point of view and feelings. The author discribes and visulazed marvelous and zeitgeistly occurrences. Fitting Tales is trend and society comment. Loud, provocative, ironic, self-hearted and self-critical. You find more about the subscrition under Fitting Tales.

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Concept & Design: Bitten Stetter
Photographer: Gulliver Theis
Illustration: Gerald Moll
Postproduktion: Ulf Cantignon
Haare & Make Up: Claudia Wegener (Liga Nord)
Model: Nicole (M4)
Music: Pilow, Capitol K