Staging is one importent field in the work and in the creation of themeworlds by Bitten Stetter fashion & concept.
The collections grow up in multimedia and interactive settings to get in exchange with the room and the audience.
Story Telling gets 3-dimensional. The outfits become a part of  a great experience by using fashion items that react with the room, the music and film. It is a composite work of designers and different artists, from streetart to classic music, from illustration to performance and from contemporary art to literature. All fashion events have one aim – Killing the deadly dullness of catwalks.

In this sujet area you find dirty fashion battles, gloomy video game fashion staging, live production settings, color bomb catwalking and overhead projector performances. Presenting collections  on stage is only one part of transmitting social, critical and multilayering themes  into detail loving themeworlds.

Furthermore, you can find interventional projects like Bundesamt für Gestaltung, a university project that acts and reacts like a living trend barometer.

The staging area is a critical playground, a forest of fairy tales.