Bitten Stetter also shares her experiences by teaching the courses “Style & Design” (B.A.), “Ereignis” and “Trends” (M.A.) at the Zurich University of the Arts / Switzerland.
It is in the exchange with students in which she cultivates the feeling for trends and innovated design in a cultural and historical context including different media and CAD.
With her teaching position at university she also boosts cooperations and awards within the economic industry and the cultural scene.
“ Think out of the box” is the philosophy of her teaching. In this philosophy it is essential to challenge existing concepts of teaching formats to look for innovation and to regard on possible or desirable futures in a more differentiated way. The cross-disciplinary thinking, as well as the historical view is essential in this context. Strategic- and interuptive design concepts arise from the surfaces and aesthetic formalities.
Her Academic work at university unites her conceptual skills and entrepreneurial activities at the same time.
Academic-management, change-management and strategic-management are parts of her daily work life at university beside teaching.