05 / 06

A folkloristic colourful dance between swedish ancient customs, tradition, colours and emotions of scandinavia. Hand drawn paintings on leather, ribbons and the typical emblems from Dalarna, a region in Sweden, decorate the lovely playful winter collection. The leather is painted with an old swedish traditional technique.

The collection is a private and personal journey in the childhood of Bitten Stetter. It is full of memories, feelings, dreams and hopes. Bitten Stetter was grown up in Germany but her parents and her brother spent a lot of time in one part of Sweden called Dalarna. Looking for elks, selecting blueberries, drifting with a small boat in the lake. It is a simple-hearted collection which is yearning for happiness, simpleness and childishness. It is the first collection after the designers of the label  stetter_koetter decided to separate. Therefore, Dalarna is the first collection of Bitten Stetters own Fashion Brand,  Bitten Stetter Fashion and Concept.

The collection Dalarna was presented in the gallery heliumcowboys artspace. An installation in cooperation with the unique overhead projection artist Katrin Betgke and the music artist Knospt. This three diffrent parts created a fabulous and magical history about Sweden and swedish folcloritic tradtions. The lookbook is a collage of old swedish illustrations and fashion photography.

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