Edition 000 is the first textile publication of Fitting Tales released in october 2007. Fitting Tales is a subscription. The textiles are published periodically and  launched in the shape of a book. The subscription runs for a year, consisting of 6 editions, every two months. After one year the subscription ends and has to renewed by the subscriber him/herself, as there exists no period of notice. Fitting Tales wants to inform in a three-dimensional visual and haptic way. It is wearable storytelling. The clothes not only form new trends, or the body, but also playfully form the state of the wearer, especially his or her point of view and feelings. The author discribes and visualizes marvelous and zeitgeistly occurrences. Fitting Tales is a trend and society comment. Loud, provocative, ironic, self-hearted and self-critical. You will find more about the subscription in the rubric Fitting Tales.

Edition 000 called cloud-ia and is a retrospect and an appeal. Returning to the guidelines of Stetter_Koetter it is Anarak that fills the pages of my first textile publication, pioneering, detail loving and heart-warming.
A world full of life, light- heartedness and colour. A land filled with illusion, in which man and animal live peacefully next to each other. In Anarak everything is hunky dory and eco wise. Pleats and frills arise out of the landscape and simultaneously mould the backdrop of the catalogue.
Sleeves are the habitat of wondrous animals which come alive through the hands of Gerald Moll.
Fashionable birds adorned with hairdo which linger on ones shoulder are drifting through lilac coloured jacket-skies. When it clouds up than a rain accessory offers you a rain-proof cover. Boats are made out of card boards and rooms are pure illusion. Landscapes are overhead projections by Katrin Bethge. The travel story is documented by Gulliver Theis.
This admirable world longs for a readership, that moves carefully and sustainabelly through this world.
Submerge into this world and feel comfortable.

The Edition cloud-ia is a small part of the hugh world of Anarak. In this box you find a lilac or a grey  “cloud jacket” that will make your everyday live more friendly, a lovely bird brooch to wear on the shoulder, a rain cap with a colourful dot pattern and a childish picture book of Anarak. You can order it in laut (loud) or leise (silence).

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