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Edition 001 is the second textile publication of Fitting Tales. Fitting Tales is a subscription. The textiles are published periodically and  launched in the shape of a book. The first Edition was released in october 2007. The subscription runs for a year, consisting of 6 editions, every two months. After one year the subscription ends and has to renewed by the subscriber him/herself, as there exists no period of notice. Fitting Tales wants to inform in a three-dimensional visual and haptic way. It is wearable storytelling. The clothes not only form new trends, or the body, but also playfully form the state of the wearer, especially his or her point of view and feelings. The author discribes and visualizes marvelous and zeitgeistly occurrences. Fitting Tales is a trend and society comment. Loud, provocative, ironic, self-hearted and self-critical. You will find more about the subscription in the rubric Fitting Tales.

Rapidly resting, couch camping and virtual walking are alliterations of our mobile world and a symbolization of a kind of work-, society- and lifestyle. The urban holidaymakers, the work tramps and technical hitchhikers spend their nights in tents, caravans and motor homes. They commute daily from A to B but rarely camp out in the wilderness, but in service areas, in the metropolis itself or in their digital worlds.

Always mobile and ever flexible. To be moving constantly has been a cultural phenomenon of recent times, which on the one hand converts mobility utensils like airplanes, trains and cars into service stations and rest areas that offer recreation during sociocultural travelling time. On the other hand, real world flats and homes turn into adventure travels, survival tours and destinations, fashioned by mental or virtual mobility.

Edition 001 – according to the theme of flexibility and motion – deals with mental mobility, informational mobility, social mobility and e-mobility, thus facilitating movements of people in spatial and social spheres. The textile publication of Fitting Tales creates a basis, a survival kit, in support of the Berlin based accessories brand Prodotyp.

This package contains a sweatshirt-jumpsuit, that can be a modern sleeping-, travelling- and resting bag or a homey sporting and gaming suit. But inspite of these contrasts it is always a permanent fashionable travelling companion. It is a shell in which one can slip into and rest. Take a break or a nap, or do some virtual trekking; it encases its wearer completely and only leaves the head or face, hands and feet (depending on the model) free. This improvised resting place will be a warming comfortable lifestyle product on one hand, and on the other hand it will be also a protective action hero sports equipment.
Prodotyp has completed this all-round suit for travellers with an indispensable neck pouch in which one can store everything of importance and not so importance. A jointly designed cutlery accessory is also included in case one gets peckish. The mobile man however wears a bag held by a karabiner, that leaves enough room to store that multifunctional tool. These utensils stem from the co-operation between Prodotyp and myself. We wish all trekkers, short term or long-term campers and service station lovers lots of mobile moments in which they can savour the social survival kit.

Warning! If you put it on you don’t want to take it off again.

Vorwort Edition 001 in deutsch.