theft & lost



Edition 002 is the third textile publication of Fitting Tales. Fitting Tales is a subscription. The textiles are published periodically and  launched in the shape of a book. The first Edition was released in October 2007. The subscription runs for a year, consisting of 6 editions, every two months. After one year the subscription ends and has to renewed by the subscriber him/herself, as there exists no period of notice. Fitting Tales wants to inform in a three-dimensional visual and haptic way. It is wearable storytelling. The clothes not only form new trends, or the body, but also playfully form the state of the wearer, especially his or her point of view and feelings. The author discribes and visualizes marvelous and zeitgeistly occurrences. Fitting Tales is a trend and society comment. Loud, provocative, ironic, self-hearted and self-critical. You will find more about the subscription in the rubric Fitting Tales.

Edition 002 - Through the constant changes in our life, which can be of developmental- , physical-, emotional-, social-, political- or economical nature, we continuously live through loss. Loss of time, loss of health, loss of the things we love, loss of memory, loss of sense and also the loss of commodities. We speak of the loss of credibility, loss of quality, loss of data, loss of interest, loss of image and the loss of identity.

Global players and trend scouts are using the terms longevity and sustainability in a free way and rant raving against the theft of resources. Sony BMG complains about music piracy; the BBC reports on broadband theft, data theft and content theft. Politicians refer to theft through the power plug. and political scientist voice their concerns about the loss of democracy.
But, there is no need for theft. Little changes in the outfit increase the risk of being one of the victims of theft or loss. Edition 002 offers a remedy and shows ways to protect oneself preventatively.

However, with all this theft and loss, and the mourning that comes along with it – the things we have lost leave an empty space that wants to be filled up again – we should not forget one thing: right next to the loss we have also the gains and the delight that something new and beautiful enters into our lives. The loss of something is precious, as it allows the bereaved to have hope for the many new gains, experiences and adventures that come along with something new.

In the box you can find a silk sweater (laut) or a jersey sweater (leise) with an anti-theft device. The anti-theft device is an handbag that is integrated in the armhole of the silk or jersey sweater. Additionally, the portrait skinbeau is content of this box. It is a photo work from Gulliver Theis and Bitten Stetter that is coated on wood. The third item of the box is a mini-Sweater bag that dresses your smartphone and helps you to camouflage your permanent companion. 

Vorwort Edition 002 in deutsch.