hide park


Welcome to Country House Murder Mystery – the hunt is on! Seven characters mingle for a leisurely hunting weekend between Gosford Park and Eaton Place. The lord of the countryside and the associated ladyhood invites to a shooting weekend with unknown end.

It is all about pride and prejudice, fake and fact, the snob attitude of the upper class and devote servants downstairs. The one and only question the crowd has in common is: “Who is the murderer?”.

Hide Park is a “real working” palour game. You can play it with 2 up to 5 persons. The pictures are made by the photographer Gulliver Theis. The photos are made with an old and simple pinhole camera.

The collection and the game tell the tale of snow-white manor house fronts, the interdependencies of masters and servants and the conspiracies of both those upstairs and downstairs. It is all about happy fox hunting and haunting countryside dinners.

It is about pretending true lies, camouflaging the trail and searching the missing link. Hide Park is a metaphor for our everyday live and our attitudes. Who we are and what we want and have to be? And who we appear to be?