The partly constructed media reality, which converts everyday life into a scenery of violence and perversion is focused on the unforeseeable and the vicious in human beings. Neocrom asked for the upcoming apocalypse. More or less it was published in the same time when the terrorist attack 9/11 took part in New York.

The history of neocrom is illustrated on the catwalk and accompanied by an imagebook. The book was awarded for the first prize in design by the Red Dot Award. Elements of the gothic scene, the heavy metal music scenes and blade runner are used as an inspiration for the collection neocrom.

“The sky is pierced by billions of needles. There, removed from our imagination, lies the metropolis neocrom. Under the tyrannical reign of the evil,cold-hearted Devil Desastor, (all life in the vicinity is re- duced to dust). His henchmen -Metalsax, Devilscum, Skullkill – chase through the surrounding galaxies on their dragonfliers – hybrid gliders (composed of motorbikes and insects). Evil, wicked and malicious they terrorise the innocent inhabitants of neocrom… The third collection of stetter_koetter is called neocrom. The original inspiration for neocrom is derived from the partly con- structed media realities, which convert every day life into a scenery of violence and perversion focusing on the unforseeable, the viscious in human beings. A projectworld dominated by black and sulphur. The collection blends gothic style and metal music. The rat, a symbol of neocrom, is integrated playfully as a relief on the shoulder of a coat. Tulle skirts, genuine hair on shoes, shirts and coats, horns as accessories, body-tight tops or shirts with a burned back create the image of Neocrom.” (press text stetter_koetter)

A cooperation with Dirk Messner (photography) and Design Office Mesch (3D, animations & graphics).

In the hull of the vessel Cap San Diego in the harbour of Hamburg, rapid video and 3D tunnel trips,aggressive stroboscopic light and electric punk music transport the audience to the city of neocrom. The dark and criminal world of Devil Desastor and his henchmen is created on stage with the help of a loudspeaker. The audience is equipped with laser pointers, enabling them to interact with the proceedings. During the show the audience had to make the decision about the development of the presentation as well as the actions of the models on the stage and the video animation.

Cooperation partners: Taktil (Multimedia), Atari Teenage Riot (Music), Zombination (Music) Tobias Adlerhorst (Video)