passing luanda


Fashion & Concept | Bitten Stetter
Camera & Photography  | Gulliver Theis
Hair & Make Up  | Maike Albeck / Liga Nord
Assistent  | Henriette-Friederike Herm
Model | Christina / Modelwerk
Editing | Nils Krause

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Passing Luanda

Luanda City is a slow and fast changing metropolis at the same time. Since 2002, when the civil war ended, the city and the society have been transforming after 27 years of devastating conflicts between two former anti-colonial movements. The collection Passing Luanda is meant as a visual side note that is driven by a lot of questions during my research journey in Angola. It is my passing comment – face to face and totally personal.

The exhibition Sometimes people in Luanda shine. is the main outcome of an ethnographical design research project. This field work was an intensive and intensely search of clues between land mines, disability, political subversion and creativity that encountered us in peoples everyday lifes, homes and surroundings. The collection is something totally incidental in opposite to the upcoming exhibition.

Passing Luanda is a mingle-mangle of thoughts, snap-shots, big and small questions and the appreciation for the people and the things we live to see. This collection is my way of reflection and handling the clearly, obvious and imprecise experiences I have made in Angola.

Passing Luanda is also a self-critical view especially in the area of conflict between beeing a designer and researcher, aesthete and observer. The marvolous suburban coloring of humans and their environment meet the deflating reality. Within this collection I try to reflect and visualize these circumstances in terms of fashion. It is a struggle between european-centered perspectives and the african way of life.  What I think and what I see doesn`t match with the things that I think I see.


Passing Luanda
S / S 2014
inspired by a field research in Angola