how can young people define their personal place – in the functional environment of the everyday life and in the clean images of the cold urban metropolis? The answer of the youth- and subculture is graffiti. Is it a protest or a kind of art? The pure white collection Polarblaze creates a space for a fantastic global art that is still fighting for acceptance. Glamour hits the streets – graffiti learns how to run.

For this collection stetter_koetter cooperated with the famous graffiti-artists Daim, Tasek, Daddy Cool,Toast and Stohead. The Red Dot awarded catalogue is designed in cooperation with Design Office Mesch (3D, animation & graphics) and Dirk Messner (photography). The fashion presentation was supported by Christian Stribol (video), Alarm and Knospt (sounds & music), Spex (raps), DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise and Tobias Thomas (mixing). The fashion event took part in the phonodrom in Hamburg. Every item was sprayed with a special graffiti live in the show. More than 800 people were visiting the spectacle. The interdisciplinary design work was awarded with “höchste Designqualität” from the  Red Rot Award . (http://red-dot.org/)