99 / 00

Bitten Stetter (outfits), Ilona Koetter (shoes) and Gritt Wollenberg (accessories) met at a joint dissertation project in 1998. All of them had the vision of an unified collection.They received help and support from the department of new media at Bauhaus University in Weimar. From their initial joint effort they developed the concept for the fashion show and multi media event “Simulationmodel”. The fashion designers sought inspiration from the constructed reality in virtual worlds. The hyperfunctional outfits from the SUBTRON-project are designed to protect from total media supervision. Elements taken from diving, fighting and protection suits formed the foundations of this collection and dominated the presentation. The selection of the materials and the techniques are a reaction of the changing ecological and social environment. Every item of the collection is one-piece-pattern-construction. Survival depends on setting up new attitudes. Disguise is the protection from total media control. The presentation of SUBTRON “Simulationmodel” is dominated by elements of video and computer games. An illusionistic environment was created through projected action worlds, a drop down menue and a style generator modul.

The models are representatives of two parties in a computer game, one clad in light grey, the other one in dark grey, one was winning, the other one was losing. In the beginning of the game the models were scanned, by using video animation, to improve the functionality and wearability of their outfits. After this check the models are authorized to upgrade into another level, they stepped out of the virtual world and became apparent to the audience. Since 1999 SUBTRON is part of the event-programme of the ‘cultural capital’ Weimar. The collection was nominated for different awards. Pieces of the collection took part in the video “Dein Schweiss” of Sven Väth.