“Aus Trauer über den Verlust nahm ich mir ein Stück Stoff zur Brust”– when fashion creates stories, or when stories emerge from fashion, then I want to tell a story about witnessed theft and loss. These pictures were emerged for Fitting Tales - The textile publication. Skinbeau is one of three products that created the Themeworld of Theft and Loss in Edition 002. Theft and loss deals with the constant changes in our lifes especially affected by the loss. Loss of time, loss of health, loss of beauty. The question is how far do we go for beautiness with the help of surgant manipulation of our bodies, like plastic surgery or surface piercings. Skinbeau is a visual exaggeration for keeping things that grow dear to you – right under your skin.
This Images were carried out in cooperation wth Gulliver Theis and Ulf Cantigion.