trompe l’oeil – MTV


The collection Trompe l’oeil deals with illusion and being, fake or real. The collection asked for original and copy, copy right and literary property and plagiarism. Parts like collars, belts, button borders, scarfs, applications and laces from a diffrent collections and different designers are copied and printed on this new collection. Who is the owner of the design from last season? Are we independent although we are adopting items and details from other designs and designers?  Is the stamp or the print-out theft and pilferage?  In this collection the handmade clothing-to-clothing-stamps are creating a fake and replica. The extracted items were dipped in deep stain. Afterwards they were imprinted on the ready-made dress. Monochrome items in cream white with pleated details are decorated with colourful prints.

This collection was exclusivelly created and produced for MTV-Designerama by Bitten Stetter. It was something between a by-order-work and an independent work. The whole distribution was in the responsibility of MTV. MTV Designerama created special displays in several exclusive design shops and concept stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was a project that took part during two seasons.