05 / 06

The golden autumn disappears. Trees losing their garments. Winter afforest the landscape. Grey-green leafs are falling to the earthy ground. Gold-grey goose starting their long journey, abandon the eldrich forest. An army of forestal spirits patronise the greenwood animals.

Waldia is a collection which is looking forward to cold, trist and short days and within it evokes the dismal thoughts and burdensome prospects. The collection is searching for time, silence and loneliness. Imagine, walking through the wood, under the feet greenery, nobody ist next to you, only the wheigt of the snow makes noise on the old big branches. Animal foot prints are signing the walk. Nobody ist there. Emptyness. Sadness is in the air.

Here you find  one of the favorite press releases of the collection Waldia with the greates styling – simple uniformed.

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Some items of the collection were presented on the Art and Design Festival  “Peute” in Hamburg .