warden of coral


Warden of Coral - Gleaming lustrous fishes jumping over silk drawing elements. Starfishes as buttons affect uniformity and strictness. Shirts and bermudas merge to overalls, skirts and blouses blur to dresses. While the herdswoman of the deepness keeps a jealous watch over the treasure of the sea, fast moving seahorses and magnificent golden giltheads maneuver through cops of aquatic plants and millions of small and elegant creatures see-sawing in the seaworld. Worden of Coral will catch you in the flush of depth.

This collection is completely made of silk. The ready-made fabrics were dipped into an ocean of paint. The color made up its own way towards the garment until it naturally stopped drifting. An experiment that defines boundaries of colours.  The concentration of the coloured outlines on the dress remembers on ocean surfaces. A trail and error design process.

This collection was part of an exhibition in the gallery Kleefeld in Hamburg. The photos are made by the photographer Justus Vinz. The collection was also presented at the Berlin Fashion Week in Berlin and Paris Faschion Week.