Small creatures, dwarfs, little birds, four-leafed clover and wooden beads sweeten your everyday life like a fairytale. The collection is inspired by daydreams and longings for more fantasy and fabulous dreams. It is a pleading for more easyness and simplicity.

In German mythology, a dwarf is a ceature that dwells in mountains and six feed under. This mythical creature is associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. Dwarfs are also described as short and ugly, although some scholars have questioned whether this is a later development stemming from comical portrayals of the beings or an old oral tradition . Zwergen plays with smal and big lovely, comical and crafting. It is a mixture of hand print, embroydery, flock print, quillings and tablecloth-shirts. Soft, harmonic, light and confortable.

The collection won the Bread & Butter Newcomer Award in Berlin.