zwölf töne

06 / 07

Zwölf Töne – 12 notes is a symphony emerged out of electronic moods encountering wearable patterns in three colors. A bootleg consisting of fashion and music. The collection visualizes the designers closeness to the music and musicans. Der Ton macht die Musik. Some items of the collection are used for on-stage appearances from diffrent artists like Viktor Marek and La grande Illusion.

Playable garments are arranged to play on old and new soundscapes. Illustrated details of instruments are placed on the garment. The outcome of this is earphone scarves, turntable pullovers, score skirts and accessories that are playing with fashionable music. It is a wearable autumn-winter concert for women and men.

The image photos are a cooperation with the photographer Gulliver Theis. The models only made a pose of playing an instrument. The instruments in the imgage pictures are small paper cut-outs. With the technique of double exposure the instruments in the image pictures became disproportionate hugh. Instruments and models merged to one harmonic picture. No photoshop is in the church.

Beside the collection Sneak Care, Zwölf Töne was presented on an independant Fashion Show called  Fashion battle – FKK vs. Bitten Stetter in Hamburg.
Find more information and pictures about the Fashion Battle in the category staging.